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Suddenly gone??

August 9 2017 at 5:16 PM
Lisa  (Login LisaDen)
Hummingbird lover 2011

Hi all! I'm wondering if females could be nesting or caring for their young this late in the season. I had 2 or 3 regulars that would be around all day up until three days ago. Now it is like someone flipped a switch and I haven't seen any, on the flowers or feeders. I'm guessing its too soon for them to head south, as I usually see them daily from April through the middle of September here in RI.

Forgot to mention that, even when they do head south,I can't remember a time when I didn't at least see one come through. It seems as though they just got here. I don't want the season to be over yet!

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Ward Dasey
(Login WardDas)
Hummingbird Moderator 2005

Re: Suddenly gone??

August 10 2017, 11:47 AM 

Down here in New Jersey we've seen fledging into September. However if you are or were seeing the same birds all day long (how you can be sure I don't know) then you aren't seeing females that are dealing with active nests. Most likely you had fledglings that had dispersed from nearby or possibly migrants from further north. Numbers at any location can be highly variable during the dispersal - migration period. Individual visiting birds might last a day or two or even just a minute or two. Again, there is no way for the casual observer to know. Don't be surprised if new birds arrive shortly.

(Login LisaDen)
Hummingbird lover 2011

Re: Suddenly gone??

August 10 2017, 4:04 PM 

That makes sense. I was sure it was the same bird I was seeing because she would always go to the feeder and/or flowers then up to the same exact twig way up in my mulberry tree. She would overlook "her territory" from up there : )

Anyhow, I was/am concerned because we have a neighbor's cat that likes to visit for attention when we sit outside. I try not to encourage her to hang around, and she will usually leaves when I turn on the hose to water my plants. The wind once blew the spray of the water in her direction and now she runs when she sees the hose, which is a good thing! But we were away on vacation last week and since we've been back, no more hummer sightings. I'm hoping that kitty wasn't hanging around while we were gone!

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