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The Drawing Room

Welcome to the "Drawing Room". "It's the room of the home where women occupied themselves really, where they received guests, where they withdrew after meals. ThatÂ’s where the word "drawing room" comes from, where they took tea and where they entertained themselves." (Prof. Penny Sparke, Dean of the Design Faculty at Kingston University) The all in one off topic board of the Loom! Please keep in mind that the rules that apply on all Loom boards still apply here. Keep posts family friendly, and be kind to each other! All images and graphics are Copyright of their respective owners. Reproduction in any form, or use without express written consent of D.A. Fox and Our Contributors is strictly forbidden and punishable in a court of law.

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Visitors in this forum in the last 10 minutes: 2 Visitors
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Painting, Victorian Lady I by John O'Brein