Amazing Zebra Longwing Butterflies!

June 29 2012 at 1:09 AM
Becky  (Login beckygardener)
Hummingbirder 2008

I was reading up on the Zebra Longwing butterflies. I may have goofed by raising them in cages when it concerns their mating habits. (Hopefully hand-reared butterflies still mate!)

This particular butterfly is quite an interesting species.

Quoted from this website

"This butterfly is characterized by long black wings with distinctive thin stripes and a slow, graceful flight. It makes a creaking sound when alarmed. Zebra longwings feed on nectar and pollen (the only butterflies known to eat pollen, which is probably why they have a long lifespan (about six months, as compared to a more usual one month for other butterfly species)."

I had NO idea they live that long! That is amazing!!!!

Also got this info from this website

"Another unusual feature is that adults roost in groups of up to 70, and return to the same roost each evening."

With all the ones that I am currently raising, that would be so cool to see them roosting somewhere in or near my yard at night! [linked image]

And this was another very interesting bit of info, though I am hoping that raising them in cages doesn't mess up their natural mating habits

"Males patrol for females, and are also attracted to female chrysalids. A male will wait on the chrysalis and mate with the female as she is about to emerge. He then deposits on her abdomen a chemical than repels other males."

Here is a photo of two ZLW butterflies that I released today. I can't tell the male from the female, so I have no idea what gender I'm releasing. I just hope they produce lots more babies!

[linked image]

I have probably 30 or so ZLW chrysalises right now! This is the first time I've ever raised them! I am so excited!

Here are just a few of them in a smaller cage.

[linked image]

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