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Tixraac Dowladda Cabdiqaasim Salaad oo dhinac martay dhaartii ay u dhaarteen Qaranka

October 12 2001 at 11:20 PM

Tixraac Dowladda Cabdiqaasim Salaad oo dhinac martay dhaartii ay u dhaarteen Qaranka. Runkinet 04/10/01

BAYDHABO OCT 12, 2001(BP)- Waxaan akhristayasha u soo gudbinayna maqaalkaan oo naga soo gaaray Xasan Xaaji Abukar, maqaalka wuxuu ku qoranyahay luqada Ingriiska, sidaa darteed waxaan ka cudur daaranaynaa in ay noo surtoobi weysay in aan ku tarjumno Somaali. Qoraagu wuxuu cabirayaa sida uu u arko xukumada Carta iyo daba gal uu ku sameyay war horay ugu soo baxay bogga Internetka ee Runkinet.

“He who sows a wind, will certainly harvest a hurricane”

Your letter is just another proof of dissension on majority of our great nation on the defensive side against The Arta-group hoax that pervaded our lives the past 13 months with their new costume of ‘TNG’, after they have been trying to recover from their previous expulsion in 1991 with their old outfit of dictatorship and post civil-war era as freedom fighters, “Al-Itihadul Islami” an invincible clan who claim defeating the USA and Ethiopians.

It is in the times of crisis when you customarily hear the complaints of the fools. When “the Runkinet” Website was first posted by the Gaaljecels, they suddenly sought the principles of supporting the cash-payers of Arta-group, and opening their Website by launching news of “Shaatigaduud” has died after being shot by a young man, and an imaginary Saransoor revolt in Baidoa. ‘A fiction character created by Horn-Afrik’.

It was an absurd and wishful thinking from the Arta-group side, and the type of ludicrous statements nowadays money can buy in Mogadishu Hotel Ramadan.
A News-papers as well as websites and Radios leading by the BBC World service, Somali language branch who controls by a Habargidir-Ayr-man who is running the once considered prestigious radio as dilapidated radio from Galgaduud, and not prestigious British owned radio.
I would like to ask the writer of the article of Runkinet, and its type of Somali-Websites who posted-
“Dowladda Cabdiqaasim Salaad oo dhinac martay dhaartii ay u dhaarteen Qaranka. Runkinet 04/10/01

What is new about Abd/Qaasim not fulfilling his oath? Or what oath does he believe to observe? Are you talking about something new or you just grasped the bigger picture and furious by not getting Gaaljecel an appointee in the process of broad daylight robbery taking place in Somalia from Hotel Ramadan plot?
Abd/Qaasim was and is straightforward man, He is consistent with his old ways of corruption and misappropriating the nation’s property, and mass murdering innocent Somalis if they oppose slavery. He is never changed, but you were the fools who trusted and thought He is changed. As under-dog of Siad Barre He was one of the ugliest, and now of his own holding the steering wheel, what do you expect?

How can anyone be persuaded to join with Hawiye clan by someone telling them: - “You belong to Hawiye clan too” and will get your share by plundering the Digil and Mirifle territories, an area they consider 'no man's land'. Where is the majority of Gaaljecels? Now my Question is, ‘How will any clan such as Gaaljecel’s decency disappear in that way? You also proudly claiming as the result of joining the Hawiye forces who invaded and were conducting operations in the Sh/hoose and Juba’s regions to annihilate the peace-loving nation of Digil and Mirifle and their environment, trees, animals etc. suddenly complaining about Arta-group leaving you in the lurch ending up in the killing hands of Morgan. I wonder, if General Morgan is murderer, what will be described to Hon. General Gaani and General Galaal?
We say: - “Dabeel ninkii abuurido, Daluuliye yaa shafadee”. “He who sows a wind, will certainly harvest a hurricane”.

It is about time that Somali peace-loving groups should join hand in hand united to expel the blood-soaked Arte-group from Hotel Ramadan, Dayniile, Kismayo, Marka and the few other places they are clinging to it in Southern-Somalia.

Your first step to success will be to join the official opposition groups of SRRC, and think about the expectation of what is Your rights, not like what Arta-group promises you as share that doesn’t belong to you. Arta-group’s days are numbered and will soon be History. Ali Khalif, Hassan Abshir, Dahir Dayah etc. are investing their looted dollars in wine business, Hotels and prostitution in world wide Countries. The Arab and European Countries they misled of representing the Somali nation is been unearthed and will no longer funneling hard currency to their personal aid, that is why the counterfeit Somali Shillings they are bringing from Indonesia ceaselessly are depleting it’s value in the Markets.

May Allah bless the victims of the selfish oppressors, and destroy Omar Geele and his Arta-group who destroyed what is left from Somalia. It was innocent Somali killing business first for selling their human body parts, then sugar business, then exporting drugs, coal, rare wild animals and bananas, and finally dividing the nation and genocide against Digil and Mirifle with mass media campaign of misleading.
If we don’t stop them now, who is going to stop them later? We have great tradition of weighing and the ability to learn from our mistakes, let us act now. Yesterday it was Mareehaan, today it is Mareehaan and Habargidir with more sophisticated tactics.
It is the work of handful perpetrators who had been quite successfully able to rob our country’s wealth for 11 years, and they don’t represent 5% of the nation. How can we allow them to set up a Government of their own, and use the force of our Youngers as their militaristic use as they did in the past?
Siad Barre is gone but his shadow is in the act of aggression once again.

How can we allow our country to take over by hawks who cannot see beyond their personal interest, and who were crying out to the Arab world by Ethiopian Digil and Mirifle invasion in southern regions of Somalia. Are Digil and Mirifle no longer considered Somalis, and marked as Ethiopians 'the so-called of Arta enemy'. Yes, You may not speak our languages, or may not have our culture, but We surely settled this land before you came from no where, raiding each other's camels walking half-naked.
We taught you the Arabic alphabet setting in our language (MayMaay), as Alif la kor dhobeey, Alif la hoos dhobeey, Alif laa gode. It is not Alif xariiq la dul saaray, Alif xariiq la hoos jeexay, Alif lagu qaloocshay. And now you are teaching me today a new version of Islamic religion, ‘by cutting the forelimb of starving diminutive boy who is not been given education, and denied to earn a living by stealing 500 Somali shilling worth bread, and praising the one who is illegally shipped in billions of counterfeit Somali shillings into the Country and killed hundreds of people not to reclaim their stolen properties or testify crimes that took place in their presence.

If Arta-group has a gram of decency, or even a traces of governmental spirit, they would have been appreciated beyond Hotel Ramadan within a month, but fortunately a dirt can be easily spotted from the white cloth. A government should be the link that brings the ethnic groups together, not divide them. Since their arrival we know the problems they created for the Somaliland legitimate elected government encountered, as well as Puntland and other parts of the Country. It is the peace-loving Somalis who have the final right to judge, when tidal flow comes in the dirt should be out. Support the SRRC.

From:- Digil and Mirifle Population.
Hon. Hassan Haji Chairman.


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