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That depends upon...

July 23 2012 at 5:13 AM
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Response to Ce d'รจ?

the ingredients you are using in your bread. ALL "breads" made with refined flour have a glycemic index HIGHER than pure glucose. In fact, instead of glucose, doctors now use a "standard" 50 gram "dose" of white bread when testing patients to determine if they have DIABETES! Consuming such bread will send a person's blood glucose level soaring. IF, however, you are one of the RARE people that makes bread using only a quality WHOLE grain flour (this can cost up to DOUBLE what bleached white flour costs, thus most food manufacturers are NOT interested in using it), then I would say it's probably safe to consume in limited quantities.

Right now in the USA, we are having an "epidemic" of Type II diabetes amoung children and teenagers. This used to be called "Adult Onset Diabetes", but now a growing percentage of cases are occurring among young people. The culprit? All of the sugarly sodas and refined white flour "snacks" (equivalent after enzyme breakdown to eating more sugar) they consume while sitting on their fat butts and watching tv, video gaming, or web surfing. Right now the average person in Western countries is consuming almost a POUND of sugar a day in the form of refined carbohydrates! The human body was did not evolve to sustain that type of a carbohydrate intake for a lifetime.

What is the safe amount of refined carbohydrates one can consume per day? I've seen several estimates with one as low as 11 grams for an adult male and only 5 grams for an adult female. Beyond those levels one starts to ride a blood glucose / insulin roller coaster that WILL, in time, lead to some serious health problems...the kind that can knock DECADES of HEALTHY living off of one's LIMITED time on Earth.

The need to care for all of the people suffering from "carbohydrate poisoning" is one of the major factors in the ever escalating cost of healthcare in the USA that raises the cost of medical insurance for those that purchase their own medical insurance and raises the taxes that must be paid to provide medical care to those that can not afford medical insurance.

The average person finally, after decades, got the message about the dangers of smoking. Now he needs to get the message about the dangers of overconsuming refined carbohydrates. That message is a more difficult one to deliver because we have been programmed by the food industry for over a century to think that anything "refined" or "white" is somehow healthier for us. The REALITY is exactly the OPPOSITE! White flour products are only better for a food manufacturers' quarterly profits!

I would STRONGLY urge anyone interested in this topic to do their OWN research into it if they are concerned about their future health and the health of their loved ones.


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