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Nice watch...

July 25 2012 at 4:53 PM
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Response to in the end, if there is an end to this,

it's interesting that there was a time when it was a status symbol to own a "Self wind" wristwatch. When I was a kid during the '50's and early '60's (when the amateur watchmaking "bug" bit me!), I don't recall ever seeing anyone wearing a Self wind watch. The reason, obviously, was that they cost a lot more than the regular manual wind versions at the time. Then, for some reason the manufacturers changed the name to "Automatic".

I think this name change occurred during the '60's when cars started to appear in increasing numbers on US roads with AUTOMATIC transmissions in them. They were considered (and still are) to be a lot easier to drive than a manual transmission automobile. Maybe the watch manufacturers decided that the term "Self wind" sounded like the movement was one that the watch wearer or "self" would have to think about actually winding (as the driver of a car with a manual transmission had to think about shifting gears) and they decided to redesignate these types of watches as "Automatics" to (like the cars with automatic transmissions) emphasize to the wearer that he would not have to do anything to keep the watch fully wound. Just a theory, but it sounds plausible.

Of course, one can OCCASIONALLY enjoy "a" German butter cookie even if it's the kind made with sucrose or table sugar (however, I don't allow ANY cookies in my house unless they are the "dietetic" kind made with a zero calorie sugar substitute). Remember, cookies (like candy) are a treat and one is not supposed to make a whole meal out of them! But, it's amazing how many people do just that.

Uh-oh! Your washing it down with COFFEE! After I got more information on that particular "beverage", I immediately stopped drinking it and switched over to TEA! I shall avoid discussing the various problems with coffee so that this topic will not become DOUBLE its present length and go off on yet another tangent! Those interested can use google to find out more about coffee for themselves.


BTW...the "holiday" I dread the most is now a little over three months away and rapidly approaching: HALLOWEEN. No, it's not because I'm afraid of black cats, ghosts, goblins, or witches. It's because it's a day when tens of millions of innocent little children in the US go on some of the biggest sugar binges of their lives! Oh yes, the candy manufacturers start getting them "hooked" on the stuff at as early an age as possible!

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