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Bad Ghost moves things and started awful smells!

April 11 2014 at 11:12 AM
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Hi, I have been trying desperately to find someone to rid our temporary apt of an entity-ghost that I feel is evil.

I am psychic and empathic and we have had ghosts in previous homes. It never happened until I got the gift during biofeedback. Maybe being open to the universe has made me more receptive to these things.
Our first apt my husband saw objects move and I saw a little boy and sent him to the light.

our happiest years we had a house and I wrote my best novel there...its not finished...we had to leave because the hurricane destroyed part of it and we also had toxic hidden mold that got me very ill with MCS and autoimmune illnesses.

We would go downstairs where we had a den and a bathroom and a storage area and find cds and dvds flung around and broken. I started feeling like someone was watching me as I showered and was constantly opening the shower door.

Still I had gutted the house and made it my own and miss it very much. The outgassing from removing all the mold made me very ill from the multiple chemical sensitivity so we rented a apt 2 years ago to house hunt from.

the larger bedroom here turned out to have a leaky AC causing bad mold. the remediation left a strong chlorine odor that penetrated the floor and walls. We had Lyle lab come and they said it was toxic. They felt ill. We opened the windows wide and duct taped the door.

The small bedroom went next. Strong pot smike came in thru wall AC unit. Then crystal meth lab made me very ill. NYC police and detectives said they could not find out where in the apt building it was. They were very nice but their hands were tied.

We had one of our contractors seal off all the windows with caulking and the AC unit with metal and put thick plastic over it all. Its like a tomb. Door is duct taped and a huge Heppa filter is in there. We HAD to move the bed to the living room.

We cannot find another apt because my MCS is so bad now all the new rentals are renovated and freshly painted which kills me.

We are searching very hard for a healthy house.

I had a flash over a week ago! My hubby gets weird sweating under his arms. I told him weeks before I was afraid we would lose this last room to another bad odor. He did NOT wash till hours later.

That night the smell under his arms moved into the ghost. It followed me around what's left of this apt. It also manifests as strong cigarette smells around the bed. Even Lysol!

He cannot smell the powdery sweat smell but he does smell all the others.

We have prayed. white candles only bothered my bronchitis. I have garlic all over.

Les yelled at the ghost and it send COLD CHILLS down is spine for over an hour the other night.

We are Jewish and do not know how to find a priest to bless or cleanse the apt and when we find a healthy house.

I am scared spit less! I contacted every ghost hunter group and only one responded and gave me your name. My nerves are shot and I doubled up with cramps. It follows me around more and that odor and knowing I am being watched is too much!

Please help me finally get rid of this ghost. I know its a bad spirit. Thank you for any and all help! Louise and Les Glass

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