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Before Asking a Question -- Updated Nov 2017

March 11 2009 at 12:46 PM
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N54 Support  (Login N54nick)
Network54 Employee

First of all, link to the new admin area

Hello all,

I just wanted to remind everyone that if you wish to complain about terms of use violations, the appropriate venue is not this forum.

Please email

You must supply hyperlinks to specific threads, not just to the forum in general. Also, if the violation is not obvious, then please explain so that we might adequately understand the situation.

Thank you,

N54 Customer Support

Here are some other helpful tips:

1. Remember, this forum is moderated, meaning your posts will not show up here until a moderator approves them. Don't post 10 messages in a row because you think your post didn't work the first 9 times.....

2. Give as much information as possible about your problem. For example, "I can't post" is by far not enough information for anyone, unless they woke up reading minds, to be able to help you. If you can post that question here, it's obviously NOT a network54 problem.

3. Know the forum ID for the forum where you are having a problem. For example, the forumid here is 44985. Saying "I can't post on the xyz forum" doesn't help us since we have no clue what the xyz forum is or how to find it.

4. Be sure you are not attempting to post on a private forum before asking why you cannot post on a private forum. Private forums only allow members to post. You should see a page asking you to join the forum when you try to post, unless it is also a closed forum, meaning they are not accepting new members.

5. Try contacting the forum owner, before coming here to ask why you cannot post on someone's forum. We don't know if or why you were blocked, and we can't help you, in most cases.

6. Include links to any specific issues on a given forum. For example, someone posting anything that may be illegal, considered against the terms of use, etc..... In this case, send your comments to

7. If you are trying to tranfer a forum or forums from one account to another, please post your request using the login that owns the forum you want to transfer.


If your post is not approved, please do not assume it is being ignored. There are some things that only one of the N54 guys can handle. The volunteer moderators will leave those posts unapproved to make them easier for the N54 guys to find, plus some of those posts have personal information in them. We assume that you would rather not have everyone see that personal information (you know, email address, credit card numbers, etc.)....

N54 Customer Support

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