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Re: We found out the real reason why the forum got taken down

February 20 2011 at 6:58 AM
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Ripper  (Premier Login ripperproductions)
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Response to We found out the real reason why the forum got taken down

If your forum did not breach the terms of use, it would not have been closed. End of story. Network54 doesn't just randomly close forums for un-substantiated complaints. There must be proof, or the forum would still be there. The forum owners either allowed terms of use violations (and it's not only child porn that will get you shut down, a forum about the Mafia would almost certainly include posts that would breach the terms of use, simply for the subject matter at hand) or did not remove offending posts in a timely manner. Read the terms of use before spouting false accusations.

Here, in case you're too lazy to click. I see at least 2 in the list where a Mafia based forum would fail immediately, without a single post.

It is Network54's function to operate as an Internet Service Provider, facilitating the free exchange of ideas, opinions, and information. However, Network54 prohibits content or links to content or Network54 Resources that contain(s):

  • Nudity, sex, pornography, and/or excessive profanity.
  • Adult services. Network54 may not be used to promote, store, or display information or data pertaining to or about escort services or paid companionship services of any sort.
  • Material that violates or solicits the violation of any applicable local, state, national or international law.
  • Viruses, hacking or other harmful computer software programs.
  • Unauthorized use or distribution of copyrighted material(s).
  • Warez boards, CD-keys, and serial numbers.
  • Mail fraud and pyramid schemes.
  • Hatred and racism of any kind.
  • Violence, guns or firearms.
  • Illegal gambling.
  • Any other material that may be deemed by Network54 to be libelous or offensive to another individual or organization. In most instances, however, Network54 will require more than an unverified email or Support Forum post to substantiate such an allegation.
  • Information that infringes upon privacy rights, such as specific addresses, phone numbers, Social Security numbers, or credit card numbers.
  • Any content that is in violation of the terms provided by Network54's own Internet Service Provider.

Network54 reserves the right to remove any such content or Resource from the Network54 services at any time and at its sole discretion. It also within Network54's sole discretion to revoke a user's login/account for violation of the Prohibited Content guidelines or for no reason at all. If the user is a Premier or Select Network54 member and the login/account are revoked as result of a Terms of Use violation, the payment for any unused portion of Premier or Select services is nonrefundable.



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