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Thanks BUT ...

September 20 2011 at 1:34 AM
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Alan  (Premier Login alans2708)
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Response to Coincidence?

Thanks Nick/Bobky,

Now I'm really confused... I asked a few weeks ago how to add photos to my 'forum header' and simply followed 'rippers' advice which was easy and everything went well, still does as I changed my header photo on MONDAY just gone [19th] and I have NO PAGE LOADING SPEED PROBLEMS. The longest recent loading problem of 3 full days duration happened during my holiday and I was nowhere near the computer or even had remote access so obviously I was not on the forum nor accessed it for 8 straight days, so how did the slow speed occur during that period of my absence please?.

MY USERS have also complained direct to me about the slow speeds and they are not linked to me in any way other than using my forum so how is the problem seemingly unique to me and the main forum. Also NICK, how would I remove the photobucket link hookup you mention please ? .... I have only recently - in the last few weeks - experienced this slow loading problem which has never occurred before. My photobucket account use has well over 200 Photos/scanned documents in the 'album' storage fascility.

If other forums have far more colourful headers & photos then how come then they seem NOT to have such loading probs. What if anything am I doing wrong for as I said it only started to happen within the last 4 weeks in total time...or is it somehow directly related to the forum header photo....if I further reduce the header photo size will that help?

Thanks in anticipation chaps,


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