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For those contacting me about problems on Network54

September 21 2017 at 1:35 PM
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Ripper  (Premier Login ripperproductions)
N54 Volunteer Moderator

If I could solve your problem(s), I would. I do not have the power, or the access, to fix some of the problems people are contacting me about.

I can't unblock your IP address
I can't help you post if you are trying to post on a private forum
I can't tell you why you aren't being approved to join a private forum
I can't activate your account
I can't verify your email address
I can't contact the forum owner for you unless they list their contact information somewhere
I can't tell you why your IP address was blocked (most likely, it was someone else being blocked and you're just unlucky to have a similar IP address)
I can't fix bad code on your forum, but I can try to help you fix it
I'm sure there are other things I've been asked to fix that I can't

I can help with some stuff, but not anything that requires me to "open the hood" and get my hands dirty. Trust me, if I had the access, I would certainly try.

Please remember, I do this in my (hahahahaha) spare time and for free, so try to be nice, even when you're ready to pull your hair out.

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