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I have an annoying poster and I want to block him.

February 22 2012 at 9:26 PM
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Supposed to be when I delete his post, I would be able to see his IP address and I can use this IP address to block him.
But when I edit or delete his post, I don't see any IP address. How do I make it appear?

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Are you the forum owner?

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February 23 2012, 8:19 PM 

If so, you should be able to set that in your admin area. Also, you can go to the following page (change YOURFORUMID to the forum ID you are trying to edit)

Note, that link goes nowhere.... You have to edit the link to match up with the forum you want to delete messages from... That page shows IP addresses by default, as far as I remember.....


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How to deal with annoying posters

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February 25 2012, 4:32 AM 

The best way to deal with annoying posters,trolls and troublemakers is to follow Ripper's advice,because IT WORKS:

"There are two ways to deal with trolls. Only one way works. Ignore them. Delete them. Don't let anyone reply to them or comment about them. Delete all posts mentioning them, attacking them, or even trying to reach out to them. They crave attention. They must have never gotten a "there ya go" from Mommy in their entire lives.

Replying to them, locking their threads, even trying to reason with them will only cause them to never leave. If you make believe they don't exist, they will eventually get bored and go bother someone else who hasn't figured out to ignore them yet.

This has been proven many, many times over, on every forum I have ever visited.

The only other recourse is to make your forum private. Trust me, it is a whole lot easier to get rid of someone on a private forum than it is on an open one."


P.S., if you love hummingbirds,please visit us:

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