Comparing a couple of rifles lately

October 8 2010 at 2:29 PM

Harold Rushton  (Login Thepointman)

I've been shooting my USFT now for almost two years in competition. When I was setting it up I shot some groups testing different pellets to see what shot best in it. Once I narrowed it down to the right pellet, then I started working with sorting out the pellets for best fit and so on. I settled on Crosman Premier 10.5 grain pellets in the USFT as being the best overall from an accuracy standpoint.

Here's a 50 yard, 10 shot group that I shot with my USFT when I was testing pellets.

Recently I sent my Steyr LG100 off to Allen Zasadny to get him to set it up for WFTF below 12 fpe. He reset the regulator pressure, changed out the hammer spring and changed out the barrel to a shorter Anschutz barrel. After receiving it back from Allen, I decided to go through basically the same tests with it that I did with my USFT. Just as a bench mark, I hoped for similar accuracy from the Steyr that I get out of my USFT.

I tried JSB 8.4 grain pellets and they shot pretty dang good, but I did a good bit of shooting in the wind with them and found that I just couldn't predict the hold off as well as I should. So, I tried JSB Express and bingo! They seemed to really be predictable in the wind and shot tighter groups to boot. So, I've shot a number of groups and they seem very consistent. I didn't take time until yesterday to really save any of the groups. So, I shot a couple of 5 shot groups at 50 yards off my knee just like I would in a match. No harness, no bench, just the rifle and a standard canvas shooting jacket. It was a little windy, which I think adds some credibility to the pellets wind capability. So, below is a pic of a group using the pellet hole to the right as the aim point. Needless to say, I'm pleased with the performance of the Steyr so far.

Here's a 50 yard, 5 shot group that I shot yesterday with my 12 fpe Steyr.

Here's a picture of the rifle

Now, I guess time will tell how I perform shooting the Steyr. I certainly have no excuses with the rifle performing as it is now. I'm looking forward to shooting a few matches with it to see how consistent it performs in the field.

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