For SURE the prone position, using a bipod would be the

October 20 2010 at 2:20 PM
L D  (Login lhd)

Response to Dave, there is not that much, if any advantage....

Absolute steadiest position for any shooter capable of comfortably shooting prone. That said, there are very very few shooters willing and able to shoot prone well, plus, courses are usually not cleared well enough for such a low barrel level, which to me, is a "good" thing.

Way back, when I was "campaigning" for Hunter class to be fired on the SAME course as FT (rather than a separate game played on a different course which many, if not most of the "powers that be" in the regular AAFTA upper echelon wanted at that time), I knew it was imperative that a "handicap" be imposed BECAUSE of the ability to use the bipod or shooting stix, esp from the PRONE position! The most appropriate handicap is to limit scope power, and thus acuity and ranging ability.

It was obsious to me (after trying it) that though the bucket allowed easier going for the guys that needed if due to back or other physical issues, there was nothing to be gained by this with respect to steadiness of aim, say, were younger fitter shooters to adopt it as well, due to the relative "tippyness" that occurs when you get your shoulders that high up away from your knees.

BUT, for sure there IS a little aid with the stix or bipod if use from a low sitting position, and its ONLY the 12X scope rule, hopefully aided and abetted by the ETHICS of the shooter in using a light sporter type gun with no adjustable buttplate and big fat cheekpiece that helps keep it "evened up" with the other guys.

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