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dear non-pretzel...

February 15 2011 at 5:33 PM

bill price in VA  (Login -bp)

Response to Got a bummer of a reply to an email I sent to DIFTA...........

your point is well taken. what you need is to strap your bucket to your kiester and wear a pair of my pants over it, then dare anyone to make you 'drop-em'

so long as you're not shooting for score, i doubt any difta md would mind, but a rule change would be nice.

i think rule changes only happen once a year, and (i think) that time has passed for 2011. i'm not sure, but that's what i think

if that's the case, maybe we can lobby for it until the next revision comes around. i believe i heard rumblings that there will be a hunter FT rules discussion meeting at the nats this year. they'll probably make us leave our guns in the car.


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