Gentlemen, I assume full responsibility

April 16 2011 at 1:02 AM

Jonathan Reyes  (Login JohnnyPiston)

Response to Just kinda curious...

For organizing this Golf shoot, as well as the lack of previously communicating the event to our group with sufficient notice. Nobody likes too much of a surprise; this I'm well aware, even this being a recreational pursuit, ideally we prefer to have a clear idea of what's to come so we can plan accordingly. I dropped the ball this time, so I take the blame.

I intended to announce this fun shoot nearly a month ago, shortly after getting grounds approval. Forgetting to do this while in the USA was a big mistake, for it totally slipped my mind once I travelled abroad to spend time with my fiancé.

My intent was to combine the useful & the convenient: we have access to a wonderful archery range, and on our scheduled Match day we usually have a solid turnout. I expected that most of our club shooters would approve of the 'change in scenery', as well as the challenges that shooting in the unprotected open presents, especially given the favorable reaction to the Golf Shoot our previous MD had successfully organized before, so it wasn't difficult for me to make the decision. I hope my explanation is clear to all concerned as to how the decision was made.

I took the time to explain in this manner because there were questions asked on this forum that I as the MD had to answer, but in the future, for any matters involving club members, or club business, well, these issues should be resolved at the club & amongst club members- not on this public forum. We have a Shooter's Meeting prior to every match, that's an ideal time to settle club matters.

Having said that, I reiterate my responsibility & sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused. And please, keep this is mind: This is our Hobby, we do this for FUN, let's keep it Positive, come on out and let's shoot some FT!

Respectfully submitted,
Jonathan Reyes

2011, The year of the Springer!

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