In general I really like it with a few "not so positives" for ME.

April 18 2011 at 9:23 PM

Ed Canoles  (Login nced1)

Response to How do you like that 6500?

*Really good optics on par with my last remaining 4-16 Elite 4200 AO and after almost 6000 shots on my oring sealed .177 R9 shooting CPLs at 910fps and my oring sealed .177 HW77 shooting CPLs at 920fps.....it's been rock solid.

*After several thousand shots, not a hint of the "internal ocular lense oil splatters"! happy.gif
Oil splattered oculars have plagued the Japanese 4-12 Trophies of decades ago, the 5-15 Elite 3200s, & the 4-16 Elite 4200s I've used. Every Bushnell scope except the 5-15 Legend exhibited this trait, however Bushnell customer service has always been prompt to "degrease" the scopes under warranty and the oil splatters never returned after the warranty service.

*The multi X crosshairs are a bit thinner than the crosshairs in my 4-16 Elite 4200 AO which I like.

* Took a bit of getting used to but I'm liking the side focus knob which I've fitted with a cheap 80mm Accushot sidewheel that fit like it was made for the 6500.

A couple not so positives for me:
*The scope is relatively pricey compared to my other hft scopes.

*2.5-16X seems to me like a silly power spread that complicates the mechanism (I would have preferred a standard 4-12x or 4-16x spread), however for the "big game hunter" this scope is designed for I guess the lower mags are useful.

*The 30mm tube and 30mm scope mounts raises the scope centerline higher above the bore than my 1" tube 4200 AO and I prefer the lower 1" tube mounting. Actually, for MY purposes I don't see the point of a 30mm tube since it is no brighter than my 1" tube 4200 AO and I don't NEED the extra vertical adjustment provided by the fatter tube.

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