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Both of mine attach but....

April 20 2011 at 10:42 PM

Paul O.  (Login libertyman777)

Response to paul and others .

....I'm not yet convinced it's best, although it seems stable. I can easily pull off the long bipod legs but I keep the prone level bipod on the rifle at all times.

I wish I had a pic of Eddie Horne's setup. Probably one of the best unsung shooters around. Might see him once a year, might not. He's a black powder, archery guy that has keen range estimating skills and a good eye for what works with equipment.

His "bipod/shooting sticks" were made of two legs of a camera tripod. He made a u-shaped cradle lined with a stiff foam to set the rifle in. If I remember correctly, maybe the third leg was cut off about 6" from the top and made for a good place to hold. Very good setup.



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