Wayne let me help you with some convo that you might of not been privy to...

June 5 2011 at 1:55 PM

gregc107  (Login gregc107)

Response to Pistol FT.. it's not just about bringing in the newbies... at least 80% of

Back before PFT was even a working model, most of the convos that too place revolved around the need for new blood. And one of the discussion that took place was the "shoot what u brung" concept that could be had in PFT. Well that went just fine until Tony beat up everyone one year at the Nats with his Ranchero. Mind you is was pretty much a stock pistol (SHOOT WHAT U BRUNG theory being up held. But then there was this drive to eliminate anything that wasn't 12 ft/lbs. That progressed at one point to not needing anything more than 6 ft/lbs. Heck there has even been talk of 50 yard shots with pistols. What new person has a 50 yard capable pistol at home already?

Now this year we get convo about range changes, and what gun power should be allow, what scope should only be used, and how do we redo the target KZ standards?!?!?!?... This is only about the 3rd year that PFT has been part of the Nationals, and few clubs even host a local PFT event (remember something to use as a tool to get new people interested), because almost all BBgun(translates to:pellet) ppl have a BB pistol of some kind at home. So I suppose that if we made a game that looked like it was really fun with some challenge to it that we might be able to get new people to come out, and try instead of thinking about maybe shooting a match one day?

Okay Wayne but you just made my point that I've been pushing on the table since I started this convo..

Case N Point: "BUT.. here is my point. Ron, Tom, and LD were walking the FT courses while I was shooting a round of bench rest. LD is of course, an old time silly wet champion himself. But these three champs, walked away from Marks pistol FT course. LD said too f".. ing hard.. I don't have a rig to shoot that far, and can't get into that sitting bench rest pose."

We are suppose to be trying to bring in NEW PEOPLE, yet 3 experienced people look at a PFT course and say.. I don't have a pistol that will make the distance, in a GAME where the based original talk was to setup so that a person could "SHOOT WHAT THEY BRUNG"!!

Except for one small problem. The old heads was to make a game set that will exclude guys from being interest that probably combined have more shooting expertise than almost all of us here. So I stay committed to the same position. Shouldn't we be sticking to the agenda to bring new shooter to the FT game in as easy a manner as we can? Heeeeeeeeeeecck just look at what we've done to the HFT game, and you can see that there are those that see that take place and opt out. Yeeees, HFT was suppose to at one point be a one could try their hand at FT too.... Not sure lot of those interested see it as such now with the way it has spun.

One more point: Shilloutte shooters and 3P guys...etc. need to realize this is FIELD TARGET , and so the structure is a new challenge not one that we can morph into what they feel the most comfortable shooting already.

It is what it is, because it is!!!

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