June 18 2011 at 8:21 PM

bill price in VA  (Login -bp)

sorry i don't have results, except that ed canoles took 1st place in hunter, a-team ray was 1st in his class, and my car broke down as i arrived there, which kind of spoiled my day. it's still there--please don't go and strip it for parts.

thanks to andy stevens, who not only pushed me into the lot, but drove me ALL THE WAY HOME to bealeton, which is pretty far out of his way.

there were 26 shooters there, including 3 youngsters, who were a great addition to the match and we hope they'll come back often.

phil dean has done well by us all, and we all hope you'll come to next month's match, (july 16 i think) which will be the MD STATE CHAMPIONSHIP FT MATCH.

we are seeking prize donations from individuals, companies, corporations, wealthy politicians, government agencies or stray animals.

i will start the pot by donating a few thousand pellets from my vast collection. these are NEW, UNUSED pellets! still factory sealed!

Phil had to rush off right after the match to help eat a pig, however he'll likely see to it that the results are posted as soon as he gets time.

a-team ray advised that all kill zones at NERFTC will be full size--without reducers. any shooters who want smaller kill zones may move back a few yards or remove their corrective lenses. he also encourages everyone to register and attend. i do too. i don't think my car is gonna make it.

y'all stay well,


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