great points Bill....... i see it your way pretty much. in the UK

September 14 2011 at 12:54 PM
Ronnie Easton Match Director in Sacramento  (Login Thumpman1)

Response to A few years back the HFT class was borne .............

a 40 year old shooter is a veteran and ready to retire. hft is a totally different game there and that is where the game stemmed from. we made our own version of it and has become a class for those that can not support there self in the sitting. age plays a big part of that i think and the fact that many Americans are over weight. the use of harnesses are also an aid the Brits and others in the UK do not use or even want to use.

i like American Field Target, and i like the fact that, we as Americans, can take our own path. i like the classes the way they are. happy.gif

i never had hunted with quick sticks and chair for more than a day. 1st, i find it combersome in the field and not practical unless one is out on open ground shooting squirrels or something like that. moving through the forest with a bucket and sticks and gun and gear is a bit too much personally. the way i have been taught to hunt from my grand father and uncles is the old fashion way i guess. there are plenty of places to take up a position in the forest by choosing to sit on a stump or behind a fallen tree or big bolder. they never seemed to have any trouble despite there old age hunting this way and would laugh at me for suggesting that i bring a chair along with us.

i would hunt the way i shoot f/t now or a slightly modified version of it.


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