Springers have a few disadvantages...

November 10 2011 at 12:45 PM

kevin  (Login bondoz)

Response to Pre-PCP FT scores--a question

While a spring guns barrel can shoot just as accurately as a pcp its not quite that simple. here are a few reasons:

-The recoil is considerably more when compared to a pcp. And since the pellet doesn't leave the gun till after the gun is recoiling its a lot more challenging to shoot well.
-The power output of a FT springer is typically at 12fpe so its more "challenging" to shoot.
-Triggers are generally rougher than a 1/2oz pcp trigger.
-Tim McMurray once told me "a spring gun is either broken or breaking". A spring gun is much more mechanically finicky than a pcp and its air valve. For example a spring gun will have a piston seal, a breach seal, a massive spring, spring guides, runny drippy lubes, spring linkages, and piston weight all of which act together before the pellet leaves the barrel. A pcp has a small valve, and a breech seal. More stuff = more issues.
-A spring gun can beat the heck out of your scope, Big Nikko's tend to break after a bit, and even if they dont break right away they get "loose" pretty quick. So you can have more scope issues with a springer. (i've eaten 2 Nikko's and suspect a 3rd is now done)
-As Hector mentioned for some reason they don't tend to travel well. They tend not to shoot the same from venue to venue as Hector mentioned; imo its that a springer continually shifts its zero and you have to find out what its doing today.

Sadly If you look at a big spring gun match its often about who's gun or scope didn't malfunction, the guns for some reason just tend to have issues at the wrong time. In Ky a few years back H Rushton had trigger issues and i snapped a spring. This year Hector's gun wouldn't cock and Tom Perritis scope took a dump etc etc etc. The Pcp's seem to hold together a little better when they're working right. But having said all that a spring gun in the right hands can do very very well.


Here are a couple of recent west coast matches which a springer did very well. You could also check out the match results for the Diablo group (link in signature) where the springers always do well.






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