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Ken, just some suggestions:

March 26 2012 at 11:01 AM

Héctor J Medina G  (Login HectorMedina)

Response to Re: For rangefinding......use max scope power for the shallowest deapth of field.

TEST BEFORE, at some reasonable range, like 35 to 40 yards, if your scope shifts POI from 12X to 16X.

If it does not, then do your range-defining sessions at 16X and then come down to 12X for all your practice and match shooting.

Take it easy and start with clear-cut objects, like flowers in vases and other stuff that has some color and detail.

Make your marks in pencil.

Do not stare at the objects more than a few (10) seconds at a time.

Rest your eyes by looking as far away as you can between scope-wiewings.

Mark the ranges when going near to far, and also when coming far to near. Different colored pencils could help here.

Take a good, long rest.

Now, get some targets with print in them. At least 8 pts. high for the capital letters.

Now, see how your ranges check with the previously marked ones.

If they check well, take another rest, now you can now reduce to 12X and re-check.

If all the markings check well, then you can overwrite the pencil marks with ink/sharpie and then tape some clear Scotch tape over the marks to keep the fingers from smudging the tape.


Un Abrazo!


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