Airgunners of Arizona April FT match report

April 22 2012 at 6:38 PM

Mark Kauffman  (Login Mark.in.AZ)

Airgunners of Arizona Match Report
April 21, 2012 Camp Verde, AZ

[IMG][linked image][/IMG]
The group after the match....with a few folks missing who had to leave early.

What a difference a few weeks can make. On the first day of spring, this place was being bombarded by a late winter snow storm and today it was quite warm without even the need for a sweatshirt in the early morning. We are in Camp Verde, shooting on the property of club member Bobby Corcorran. Behind his house and back yard, he owns land that stretches several hundred yards to the Verde River and is a tangle of downed trees, and thick vegetation; perfect for shooting field target.

[IMG][linked image][/IMG]
Shooters meeting on the patio just before the match.

Eighteen shooters gathered this month to play pellet games on the diabolical course that Bobby set up. He has 11 lanes (maybe more accurately described as shooting positions) with 2 targets on some of them and 3 targets on others for a 50 shot course. The target placement and decoration is what made life interesting today. Bobs neighbor, Joe, helped to modify the appearance of some of the targets. There were feathers glued to the bird targets with a full set of wings from some deceased aviary creature on one of them, there was fur (I didnt ask where it came from) on some of the animal targets, while others were curiously repainted. Some very fertile minds with a wicked sense of humor were obviously at work here as was evidenced by the porcupine target covered with glued on tooth pick quills.

[IMG][linked image][/IMG]
Steve Montgomery shooting with Bobby scoring

[IMG][linked image][/IMG]
Len Tlapa shooting with Dillon scoring

In addition to the normal array of steel targets, Bob also had several home made bell targets hanging in the trees. We knew they were there only due to the ropes that were used to hoist them waaaaaay up there in the trees and to anchor them in alignment.sorta. They still swayed in the breeze when the trees moved. When hit, they ring pretty loud, but when you miss, you are rewarded with a very dull sounding THUNK from hitting the steel washer surrounding the hole in the 2 x 4 that the cylinders were mounted behind. They were tough little buggers to see, let alone shoot at. Did I mention all of these targets were set in this tangle of downed trees and thick vegetation? Fun! He even had a standing only lane where you shot from the bottom of a gully through a Y in the tree branches directly in front of you at stacked targets 30 and 34 yards away.

[IMG][linked image][/IMG]
Ron Drye on the standing lane at the bottom of the gully. The "Y" in the tree he is shooting through is about eight feet in front of him, just out of sight.

The weather today was very cooperative with very bright sunshine, cloudless blue skies and just a slight breeze. Mourning doves were teasing us from the trees all around while the wisps of cotton from the cottonwood trees drifted gently down on us in the warm breeze. All of this made for a very tranquil setting, which was nullified by the weird contortions some of us had to attain to try to make the shots without hitting the underbrush between the shooter and target. Mercifully, by following the strings we could at least FIND the targets. Manicured lanes we dont have, but wouldnt want it any other way. These matches are so much fun to shoot.

[IMG][linked image][/IMG]
Debbie Keiser

I was trying out my new Rapid Air Weapons TM1000 today for its inaugural appearance. Other than getting some sight settings, I have been itching to shoot it after having it for almost two months and only able to shoot it twice before. I have some scope issues, but am otherwise really impressed with this gun. I was paired today with Bill Stevens. Bill and I shot together several months ago at his first ever air gun match and he is an interesting character. He spent 3 tours (almost 3 years) in Iraq and knows Baghdad better than his own neighborhood back here in the world. He prefers to shoot Hunter-PCP class as do other club members Jim Stringer and Rick Eaton. These guys are very formidable competitors and are a force to be reckoned with.

[IMG][linked image][/IMG]
Mark scoping a distant target.

[IMG][linked image][/IMG]
Bill Stevens getting ready to drop another one.

[IMG][linked image][/IMG]
Rick Eaton finding a gap through which to shoot.

We also had 3 juniors shooting with us today. Dillon and Justin have shot before and really enjoy themselves. Mike Crane shot for the first time today and did pretty darned good using a borrowed gun. The enthusiasm these youngsters show is contagious.

[IMG][linked image][/IMG]
Dillon on the standing lane. The string to the right is going to the "Y" in the tree trunk in front of him. Targets are out at 30 and 34 yards.

[IMG][linked image][/IMG]
Justin shooing HFT with Dad's tutoring. I have no idea how he found a gap in that mess of vegetation.

[IMG][linked image][/IMG]
Mike shooting with Dad's tutoring on a relatively open lane.

[IMG][linked image][/IMG]
Jim Stringer and son Justin. Little guy loves to shoot.

The big man on campus this month turned out to be Dale Keiser shooting a 45 out of a possible 50, with Bobby Corcorran only one point behind. Also there were no tied scores which would have necessitated a shoot off.

[IMG][linked image][/IMG]
Dale Keiser shooting solid as a rock

Here are the scores:
[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

After shooting, we retreated to Bobby and Sandys back patio where Sandy, assisted by Pam and Bonni Jo made lunch for everyone. They had trays of mixed strawberrys, raspberries, grapes, pineapple and watermelon, along with a large bowl with salad, grilled chicken breasts and cookies, and even ice cream afterwards. Sandy and Bobby always go overboard when taking care of making sure that everyone gets plenty to eat. Even though they dont have to do this, we are most thankful and appreciative of their generosity.

[IMG][linked image][/IMG]
Bobby shooting through the tangle.

Bonni Jo (Drye) Paparazzi performed photographic duties today (saves me from running back and forth during the match) and a big thank you goes out to her.

On a sad note, the club membership wishes to extend their deepest condolences to club President Larry Piercy and family due to the sudden death of his younger sister. Understandably, he could not be with us today, but our thoughts and prayers are with the family.

We will be shooting here again in May, but on the SECOND Saturday instead of the usual third Saturday. The date is May 12 so mark your calendars accordingly. Yeah, we know it is the day before Mothers Day, but because the Temecula challenge was re-scheduled for the third weekend, and several club members wanted to attend that shoot, we decided to reschedule ours. Our apologies for any inconvenience that this may present.

[IMG][linked image][/IMG]
Robin Montgomery preparing to drop another target.

So until next month, practice, practice, practice.

Respectfully submitted,
Mark Kauffman
Secretary, Airgunners of Arizona

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