FT Match at FTRPA this Sunday

May 15 2012 at 5:13 PM
Larry Bowne  (Login PAplinker)

Just a quick reminder that this Sunday, May 20th, is the date for our first
FT match of the year at Falls Townhsip Rifle and Pistol Assoc. in beautiful
Bucks County, PA. The weather forecast looks good and Rich and Jim are promising an intersting course. We hope to see you there. The details are below.

Falls Township Rifle and Pistol Assn.
2012 Field Target Schedule
354 Newbold Road, Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania

DATES: May 20th, July 15th, September 16th, November 18th. (The third Sunday of the month.)

CLASSES: AAFTA: PCP & Spring Piston, WFTF: PCP & Spring Piston, Hunter, Off-Hand Rifle and Pistol.

RULES: Rifle: Current AAFTA rules apply. Pistol: Scoring will be on a Risk/Reward basis. You determine whether you get 1 or 2 points for a knockdown Points are awarded for a knockdown only. No points for face hits. A 20 Foot Pound Maximum applies to all rifles and pistols.

ELIGIBILITY: Open to all shooters. Both club members and non-members..

FEES: $8.00 for Rifle $5.00 for Pistol..

TIME: Sight-in and practice 8:30 A.M. to 9:45 A.M. Registration 8:30 A.M. until 9:45 A.M. Match begins at 10:00 A.M.

PROGRAM: Rifle: The match will consist of 30 targets, double tap. Tie Breaker targets will be used to determine winners, if a tie exists.
Pistol: The match will consist of 20 targets, double tap, using the near and mid-range targets
in each lane. The longest pistol target will be no more than 35 yards. You may use open or optical sights.

Sodas and water are available at the Archery club house. The match will be shot straight through with no lunch break. Food will not be served. You may bring your lunch and eat in the clubhouse after completing the match if you desire..

AWARDS: Awards will be based on raw scores. Cash prizes will be given for all classes. Please Note: If there are insufficient shooters in a given class the match director may consolidate classes at their discretion..

Prizes will be awarded after the match as soon as the scores are tallied.

DIRECTIONS: From Rte 1 (freeway) south (from Trenton): Take Rte 1 South to Rte 13 South (Tullytown Bristol). This is just past Snipes Nursery in Morrisville. Take Lower Morrisville Rd exit (only a few hundred yards after entering Rte 13). At end of ramp make a right onto Lower Morrisville Rd (This will become Newbold Road). FTRPA is on the left side of the road approximately 7/10 of a mile from the exit ramp.
From Rte 1 (freeway) North: Take Rte 1 North to exit for Rte 13 South (Tullytown Bristol). Take exit for Lower Morrisville Rd shortly after entering Rte 13. At end of ramp make a right onto Lower Morrisville Rd (This will become Newbold Road). FTRPA is on the left side of the road approximately 7/10 of a mile from the exit ramp.
From Calhoun Street Bridge: Take Calhoun Street Bridge into Pennsylvania. Go through light at end of bridge onto Trenton Avenue. Go 1.4 miles on Trenton Avenue and make left onto Rte 13. This is the 4th light after the light at the bridge and there is a Sears Hardware on the corner. Proceed on Rte 13 South for 1 mile to the Lower Morrisville Road exit. At end of ramp make a right onto Lower Morrisville Rd (This will become Newbold Road). FTRPA is on the left side of the road approximately 7/10 of a mile from the exit ramp.
MATCH DIRECTORS: Rich Bassett, Telephone: 215-942-7955, E-Mail wa2gtj@aol.com
Jim Wilcox, Telephone: 215-443-9631, E-Mail: jimmarie62@comcast.net

Best Regards,

Larry Bowne for
the Field Target Committee at FTRPA

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