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I would never buy a scope I felt wasnt mechanically reliable.

May 15 2012 at 10:20 PM
L D  (Login lhd)

Response to Poll on scopes

That said, I'm not "into" murky sight pictures either. At a certain point, clear is clear though, and I think its pound foolish to spend two or three times more for a little more light gathering or crystal clarity around the fringes of the lenses .... frankly, I have never put much interest in the very fringes anyhow.

here's what I think about clarity ... the higher the mag, the harder it is to have a truly good image, and yet the more important it becomes. Ive seen folks buy a huge scope, say 40 or even fifty power and admit it isn't very clear unless the power is turned down ... how dumb is that?

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On line trajectory calc by Brad Troyer MILDOTS


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