LOL Bill.......if the prize money was greater it MIGHT matter!

May 20 2012 at 4:12 PM

Ed Canoles  (Login nced1)

Response to ft rules to minimize cheating?

While I'm amazed at what lengths some folks will go through to try winning a piece of paper I'm thinking that some simply don't know the rules. A few years ago a fellow showed up at DIFTA to shoot hunter class (when the class was combined piston & PCP). He used a low lawn chair with back for a "bucket", had a three legged camera tripod ATTACHED to his PCP, and simply layed back in the chair to take the shot. I felt that this was definitely stretching the rules, however the range master allowed to compete with that setup.

IMHO it would make for a really miserable shoot to get so anal about a POSSIBLE cheater stealing a piece of paper that the matches become "policed by the Gestapo"! Some new folk might simply be ignorant of the rules instead of actually "cheating". Recently at DIFTA it was learned that during the match a new hft shooter was rangefinding at "high power", then turning the power down to 12X to take the shots. Till then it had never been considered that someone would make such a mistake.

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