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Thanks James... Lots of great pictures!

May 22 2012 at 2:23 PM

HookEm  (Login HookEm)

Response to THE Temecula Challenge - report + pics

Brutal does not come close to describe it!... And I hear that it can be, and has been, worse (wind-wise).
I recall shooting only one lane (#11, on Sunday) where I did not have to hold for wind (it died down long enough to get 4 quick shots off... And I mean quick!).

Difficult as it was, with the tough up/down angles & strong winds (enough to hold ~2" outside of the animal, or 4"+ off the KZ), it felt like we were like a "band of brothers", going through a gaunlet together!

I enjoyed the challenging course, and shooting with JimC on Saturday, and Casey on Sunday... It was fun!
It was a blast to finally get some those big bells to ring on Sunday... Sadly, I only got the small bell on lane#11 on Saturday.

And, how about that 65+ yard target on lane10?... I can happily say I knocked that puppy down all 4 times!
(Hey, my scores sucked, but there were some happy moments to make up for it!)

Thanks to LD, and to all that worked so hard on hosting the match... So, here's hoping the tradition does not end here.

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