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May 31 2012 at 10:47 PM
Eric Chin  (Login echin)

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Still going I see.

Lonnie, I'm not making my point clear apparently. I don't see using a rangefinder as a way to improve scoring, I see it as a way to eliminate the trouble of finding scopes that work for field target. I don't think there are many PRODUCTION scopes that will work, and even fewer on a springer. That's what led me to question the entire concept.

Hookem, the fact that I broke my Bushnell isn't the problem. It happened. I'm trying to deal with it. And in the process, and thanks to this thread, I realized there isn't a true replacement for it, and trying to find a scope with over 30x magnification is too frustrating. I'm going down a range as you suggest, I just got a 6.5-20 Simmons that Lonnie had suggested and I'm surprised at the quality. I'll try that next. I had that on order, if that breaks, I'll look at the Bushnells again per FPoole's suggestion.

Also, I'd be perfectly happy to shoot for no score. I have no intentions of trying to be a field target national champion, my goal is to learn how to shoot better. And field target does provide an arena to do that and for me to hone the skills I want to work on. If I can still shoot at my local matches after this, and my match directors want to allow it, I'd be happy to shoot for no score with a rangefinder just so I can shoot the course.

Kevin, indeed I found myself in a rabbit hole. I did sell that scope, but I bought it back after I got my TX and used it for the remainder of last season and the first couple matches this season. Sorry if I ruffled your feathers, but I wasn't just thinking of our matches, I was frustrated with finding good glass, and that led me to question the status quo. As you said to me, if field target was invented today, the rules could be different. I say it is today, why not?

JeffP, the scope did break. I sold it, because I was thinking of using a break barrel gun, and the Bushnell is too long for break barrels. Then I got my TX and bought the scope back. I wasn't too surprised when Bushnell offered a new scope, I figured they'd be out of stock on the older ones. That's why I don't want to buy a used 4200, if it breaks, I'll have to search all over again. With a new scope, at least you can get it replaced.

Thanks to everyone for their comments. You may not have changed my mind, and I may not have changed yours, and I do apologize if I've upset anyone, but I find dialog helpful to think things out.

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