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John, before I got into this game....

June 12 2012 at 11:46 PM

Mark Kauffman  (Login

Response to Re: Time to wade into this fray...

...I read the rules to understand what I was getting into. I did the same thing for all the shooting disciplines that I competed in.

Some of the styles of shooting that I thought I would like to do, I ended up staying away from for one reason or another, again by reading the rules and learning it first instead of the other way around.

I have dropped out of shooting disciplines for observing first hand and reporting blatant cheating, only to be dressed down by the match director and had each of the two guys get in my face and call me a liar. The other three guys who also observed the violations were afraid to speak up. If that was the way they wanted to play that game, I wanted no parts of it.

Sorry if my response angered you, but with all the opinions flying around, I TOO am entitled to mine.

Best regards,

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