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Sorry, but no.

June 14 2012 at 11:18 AM

Héctor J Medina G  (Login HectorMedina)

Response to sorry my bad ..

Rod shot WFTF Spring-Piston class/division.

His score (107) would have won in WFTF-PCP also, had there been no division between spring and PCP and only a WFTF class.

He shot VERY well and observing him was a lesson in itself.

He was ranging at high magnification and clicking, but He and his Whiscombe were spot on all the time. The VERY FEW misses were mostly because the pellets were drifting LESS in the wind than he was expecting, or the extreme inclination of some targets got his position off kilter.

As I said hereunder in the other thread: Sharing the lanes with Rod was a pleasure and a privilege.

I struggled with my lateral zero and was remiss in correcting when I should have. Once I corrected it as I should have from the beginning, the targets started falling as they should.

But, coming back to Hunter Class, piston Division; which is where this thread started at, my point is that at 18 ft-lbs in 0.177" (10.X grs. pellets), which the Whiscombes are capable of delivering, ranging at 12X is NOT that critical. The trajectory difference between the 50 yard and the 55 yards shot is a LITTLE ABOVE ¼ mil. while the kill zone at that range will be in the region of 0.8 mil across (True mils here).

That is where the knowledge of EXACTLY how your "dots" or marks ACTUALLY SUBTEND is critical. You have a clear, present and objective measurement of which are the limits of your shot right there in the reticule, and can take aim accordingly.


Un Abrazo!


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