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Ron, Leo, Scott, Yegua - my list of excuses

June 14 2012 at 1:17 PM
Brian in (ok, FROM) MI  (Login AR20)

Hey guys,

Just want to check in and let you know I wasn't just a flash in the Yegua pan. Or maybe you were hoping?! Haha. After the last YAC match, I left with an injured air ranger (thanks, SON) and no FT rifle. Then there was non stop work, no weekends off, and more recently open heart surgery. These days I've been shooting with my boy, messing with prods, discos, and de-bugging a .177 MROD for FT. Yes Ron, I coming for you! Hehe.

I check here pretty regularly to see what's happening at YAC, but the site hasn't been updated in a while. Also, I'm trying to bring FT and silhouette to Austin. More on that later. Leo, call (248.470.8227) or email me and we can set up a site survey of what hopefully will be the new home of CTAC.

My boy Jenson earned his first shooting trophy the other day. He was shooting the p-rod offhand and I said "I'll give you buck if you can hit that". It was a chicken silhouette up in a tree at an unknown, not very close range. I should have kept my mouth shut, because he had yet to miss one shot! I handed him the dollar and he promptly stapled it to a board. Instant plaque! The force is strong in this one..

Well, hope to see yall soon.


..if I had money, they'd call me "eccentric"

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