Airgunners of Arizona June FT match report

June 17 2012 at 10:35 PM

Mark Kauffman  (Login Mark.in.AZ)

Airgunners of Arizona Field Target Match Report
Camp Verde, AZ June 16, 2012

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Mormon Lake didnt happen this month due to fire restrictions in the Coconino National Forest. Fortunately, our ranger contact who looks out for us, gave us a heads-up a week beforehand. After more than a few emails back and forth, Bobby stepped up with a big "S" shield on his chest, his hands on his hips, and his cape flowing in the breeze, and said, "I'LL DO IT!" , or some kind of superhero gibberish similar to that. Of course he needed Sandys permission, but we are very grateful that they once again offered their home to us for our monthly match.

Twelve shooters were on hand to get started an hour earlier than our normal 10:00 am start time in order to avoid the heat. It was a comfortable 77 degrees at 7:30 am but warmed up into the low 100s when we finished. Fortunately, we had plenty of shade and plenty of water, along with plenty of good natured humor.

The shooting heated up pretty good too, and when all was done, Dale performed a feat that only happens once in a blue moon; he went clean, shooting a 40/40!! Great shooting, especially when considering that Bobby doesnt set up easy courses. Everyone had a good time and shot well regardless of the heat.

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When everyone had finished shooting, we gathered for a pot-luck lunch in the shade of the patio, then tallied the scores and handed out awards. Many thanks to Sandy & Bobby, and to all who contributed to the pot-luck. A big thank you goes to Pam, who put lunch together and was in 7th heaven by having the run of Sandys kitchen. Only one group photo this month; too warm to run back and forth on the line taking pictures. I will send out an email prior to next month's shoot to verify time and location.

Respectfully submitted,

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