Diablo Rod and Gun Club Fathers day match report

June 18 2012 at 2:27 AM

Lonnie Smith  (Login AirSmithCA)

Whew baby... Mother Nature turned out the oven this weekend out here in Northern california today!! Forecast was for 98 degrees. I didn't have a thermometer on hand to confirm, but the suntan through my 45 spf sunscreen is telling me it was close enough to the mark. happy.gif

To top that off .. We turned up the heat a on our shooters a little more and set up a tougher course this month. To do so, we used some Jedi-FT mind trickery on some of the lanes. Sporting a fat 1 1/2kz up close to draw them into easy street, and then the smaller kz'd target further back for the panic attack. Also had some 1" targets out on our longshot area at 46+. I heard some mild grumblings about it but it didn't stand proud for everyone. I managed to keep both my shots on a 1" group. Unfortunately, they were a midot below the killzone, but hey, it was encouraging to see I could do it. Our "Wiley weasel" and "unpoplular polar bear" targets with their sub-1/2" kz's were back beyond the normal distances as well.

In honor of the tasty cookies on hand, (thanks to "The Rubi") we'll call attendance at a bakers dozen as 13 show up to test themselves at the "Fathers Day Heater". My game puttered at best but most of the shooters rose to the challenge quite well. Scott Hull came up from So-
Cal to join us and shot a great match! He lead Piston-Hunter for the day and folks, this guy did it using "mildot range estimation" for deciding distance to target. I was impressed ...Nice shootin Scott! "Attaboys" go to Rizalde for taking PCP, Son Lu for leading Piston, and Jim Cyran for taking pcp-Hunter.

A sincere thank you to all who were there and helped with set-up and takedown. We appreciate your contribution ever so much!!

Scoreboards are as follows:

Rizalde Marquez 45 (Steyer ?? - Sightron 10-50x)
John Lindsay 43 (Steyer LG100 - Tasco CS)
Jim Whittlesey 40 (USFT - Nikko 10-50x)
Chris Merrit 32 (USFT - Accushot)

Son Lu 36 (TX200 - Hawke 8-32x)
Paul Booker 25 (HW97 - Bushnell 8-32x)
Eric Ko 33 (Crosman - 8-32x)

Jim Cyran 41 (LD Hunter - Hawke 4.5-14x)
Jim Rubiales 35 (Daystate mk4 - Hawke 4-16x)
Michael Aber 34 (AAS500sl - UTG 3-12x)

Scott Hull 33 (TF-58 - Leapers 3-12x)
Roger Chan 27 (TX200 - ??)
Lonnie Smith 18 (Beeman R9 - Simmons whitetail)

Following the rifle match:

I didn't think anyone was going to be interested in sticking around. But after a nice lunch, some conversation, and rehydration, there were 5 of 13 who were eager to brave a 20shot PFT course in the 95+ degree heat. It seemed they all wanted to get some PFT practice in before the Western Regionals comming up in 2 weeks. How could I say no.... my own PFT gun has been sorely neglected this year and I just got her tuned and sighted for Waynes 8fpe sporter class. happy.gif

Scott Hull brought a self-built, side levered, piston-powered-pistol, and shot standard PFT style with Rizalde and his Steyer. Jim Cyran, Jim Rubiales, and myself leap frogged through the course shooting hunter style. There be some pretty good pistoleering going on out there boys!

Rizalde Marquez 19
Scott Hull 6

Jim Rubiales 16
Lonnie Smith 14
Jim Cyran 12

Jim Whittlesey working on the longshot!!
[linked image]

[linked image]

[linked image]

Scott Hull joined us this weekend. He is a very clever guy and has done a great job working his TF-58 to his likings. He shot a great match to!
[linked image]

[linked image]

Found this laying around on the grounds.
[linked image]

Roger Chan taking on the Piston_Hunter challenge!
[linked image]

Son Lu shooting with his TX in the new GinB stock!!
[linked image]

Check out this offhand stability device!!
[linked image]

Lonnie Smith
Associate Match Director DFTC

"It doesn't get done til someone does it"

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