GOB match #2 for June on Red Course

June 18 2012 at 10:06 AM
FireMarshal  (Login FireMarshal)

Good Old boys match on  June 16


This last weekend was a fun time in middle Tennessee. Roz left the Red course setup so we could shoot it one more time before he takes it up. It was as much fun the second time around as the first. We had  12 competitors which is pretty good for this time of the year due to so many things going on. The scores werent quite as good, but decent. Harold Rushton was first overall and in WFTF PCP with a score of 54/60, using his EV-2 and Leupold 35X scope and JSB Express pellets.


There was a tie overall for second place between David Slade using that beautiful FWB P70, a B&L 8-32 scope and JSB 8.4 pellets and our long missing friend, Jeff Aveduti with his MFR, B&L 8-32 scope and JSB 10.2 pellets. They finished with scores of 53/60. Jeff was tops in PCP and David was second in WFTF.


Roz Sumpter finished close behind with a score of 52/60 with his new TM1000, Nikko 10-50 scope and CPH pellets.   


 I was paired with Charles Garvey and we tied with scores of 47/60. I shot PCP with my USFT Carbine, Nikko 10-50 scope and JSB 10.3 pellets and dropped a few points from last week. Charles shot in Piston with his HW97, Leupold 35X scope and JSB 8.4 pellets.


Dottie Berry was sick, but still managed a respectable score of 42/60 with her new TM1000, BSA 10-50 scope and JSB 10.3 pellets. Dottie shared her rifle with Sandra Rutterford who finished her first match with a score of 21/60. Her husband, Martin used a new TM1000 and got a score of 23/60. We all enjoyed shooting with Sandra and Martin. They have been a great help to Roz on many of the big matches he has had over the past several years. Glad to see them shooting now.


Cliff Smith used his trusty TX200, B&L 6-24 scope and JSB 8.4 pellets to get a good score in WFTF piston of 39/60. Our friend Steve Vines who usually shoots in this class was unable to make it this weekend due to his mother passing away in Mississippi.


Hunter class had 2 shooters. Gary Law shot his new Maurader with a UTG 3 -12 scope and CPH pellets and got a score of 37/60. David Amour used a Discovery with a Centerpoint 4-16 scope and CPH pellets for a score of 13/60.


After the match everyone pitched in and removed all targets and strings from this course. We will be shooting on the White for the rest of the year. This Saturday, there is a match scheduled for Minor Hills Invicta course. This has become a great place to shoot and is in the shade which helps this time of the year. Minor hill is just west of Pulaski, TN. If you have never competed there, you are really missing some great FT shooting.


We are planning a match on July 14 at Gladeville, Tennessee just north of the now closed Nashville Speedway on I-840. It will be at the Aveduttis place just a short way from the Bridgestone distribution center on Hwy #109. Its located just west off Hwy #109  at Franklin Road between I-40E and I-840. Jeff and Dawn and the kids are actually on Bettis Road.  Better instructions will follow soon. We will try to remember to put up some flags and a GPS address. This match will take the place of the regular GOB match date for July.


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