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June 25 2012 at 1:34 PM

Bill Day  (Login dayjd)

A few years ago I was picking up my mail at the end of the street as our Town fire chief George Davis was leaving the Fire barn. He see me and stopped to say good morning. I asked him where the dept got their SCBA tanks filled. He said "We fill our own right here at the station. I asked him what the max pressure he could fill to? He mentined 5,000 psi as my eyes lite up. I then asked him if he could fill my carbon tanks, "Bring'em over he said" From that point on he always filled my air and I always donated ten bucks to departments coffee fund. We developed a friendship. Saturday, George had a fatal heart attack at 63 years old. George was a great person and fellow vet. We had talked a little about Nam on a few occasions. George had been a door gunner over there! The excitement of flying in a Cobra was awesome but the dangers of sitting behind a M60 far out weighed the excitement of the flight. However, it was a sort after duty that dumb, eat a bullet grunts had to volunteer for a extra six months of duty to do.
I had spoken to George on several occassions about coming over and trying my airguns out but we never got around to doing it. That is the sad part! So don't put things off to long for tomorrow is never a guarantee! Regrets are much harder to swallow then good times sharing air!

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