practice reading wind--Virginia style

June 30 2012 at 8:21 PM

bill price in VA  (Login -bp)

hi all

last night, i had a lot of practice reading the wind--from inside the house.

many large branches are now in the yard. free tree-trimming. nothing fell on the car and broke my windshield like last time.

i have a 10x10 canopy from sportsman's guide. cost $49. not the sturdiest looking thing in the world. still standing, not a bit of damage. this is the 4th (but far worst) storm it has withstood. just four legs staked to the ground, nylon top held on with velcro. amazing.

i know that 5mph winds are felt on the face.

i was in the living room and felt the wind moving the house via my kiester, which was in a soft chair.

we had a 20 hour power outage. i'm grateful for the crews that endured the weather and got the power back on.

i could not have shot 'offhand' in that wind, because even my large mass would have been blown over. probably would have had to shoot prone and wait for flashes of lightning to see a target and make a quick windage judgement.

i think i'll shoot indoors this evening.

i had a glimpse of whatliving in tornado alley feels like. it was not nice.

hope no one had any damage or injuries.


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