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July 2 2012 at 5:57 AM

Lonnie Smith  (Login AirSmithCA)

Response to Western States results??

I just made it home to shower and nurse my wounds. Poison oak mostly. I got it all down my right arm forearm and on both legs from the sock line up to my knees. I guess that's what I get for taking on mother nature during course set-up. I'm gonna have to go see the Doc in the morning and plead for some prednazone. sad.gif

Aside from that, James Brinkley gave Scott and I a whoopin in Piston-HFT. (Nice shooting James, you definately earned it) Interestingly, we all scored the same on the woods course! Made me feel pretty good that I matched James' score from the day before. I thought the Lakeside course would give him some trouble but he was just getting warmed up and improved on his previous day.

Doug Miller aced the entire match with a perfect score of 120!! David Alsup and Riz Marquez ended up in a shoot off for 2nd with David earning the placement.

Kevin Yee took piston with a 102...... LD took pcp-HFT with Jim Cyran and Jim Rubiales right behind him.

In pistol.... Riz took open, Boomer took Hunter, I took Sporter pistol (8fpe) , and I believe it was Bob porter whom won open sights.

Lonnie Smith
Associate Match Director DFTC

"It doesn't get done til someone does it"

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