My new FWB601 Tactical

July 10 2012 at 10:00 PM

Brad Troyer  (Login bradtroyer)

I recently received a very used FWB 601 from Scott Pilkington who had graciously given me the rifle just as a thanks for use of my site and providing a free service to the airgun community over the years. The rifle didn't have a cheek piece, butt pad, or muzzle tube however is shot wonderfully.

I gave the rifle to David Slade at Airgunwerks http://www.airgunwerks.com/) and he worked his magic on the trigger and went through the mechanism and got the rifle shooting up to factory specs and better than factory on the trigger. The rifle then went to Rapid Air Weapons http://www.rapidairweapons.com/) to fit one of their moderators to finish off the barrel tube and to remove the high pitched report when the rifle was fired (it was that loud it just bothered me). I also bought an adjustable cheek piece hardware and got a piece of scrap wood to make a cheek piece and butt extension.

I got the stock all together and sanded then I sprayed it with a beige textured paint that looks a lot like the desert finish on other tactical stocks. The rifle turned out pretty good and it shoots wonderfully. The report is nothing more than the sound of the hammer hitting the valve. With the rain we had tonight the wind was dead and I shot a solid nickle size group at 50 yards with JSB Exact RS pellets, I shot five shots and stopped! This will be a fun Mini-Snipping rifle or low power FT rifle.

[linked image]

[linked image]

Brad Troyer,

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