Shooter error is going to be your biggest problem.

July 14 2012 at 12:08 AM

Appel  (Login 12345boys)

Response to HW 98 vs 97 vs TX 200

The HW 98 is a break barrel. Comes with it's own baggage. Not necessarily a dissavantage, but certainly a consideration. The other two are fixed barrel. But you probably know that.

Other than that you're going to have two long lines, one is going to be a line of people waiting to tell you about the TX 200, the other a long line of folks adulating the HW 97/77. And they're going to sound remarkably alike.

While this is going on a third line of Pro Sport propponents will be forming. (Hey, look, is that Mr. Pirrone?)

The awful ugly truth is that you are going to have to seek out some one or ones who has one or all four of these rifles and try them yourself. Then you're going to have to tune them and try again.

The good news is, you can start with any of them and sleep well at night knowing that you have a gun that can out shoot you. For a long time to come. Perhaps forever.

The bad news is that as a human, subject to human foils and shortcomings, you will NEVER sleep well at night until you HAVE tried them all.

More good news, though.

Its a wonderful journey!

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