PRFTA July 15 FT Shoot in Ceiba, Puerto Rico (Pic Heavy)

July 16 2012 at 10:14 PM

Pedro I  (Login prfleetsvs)

Last Sunday's PRFTA shoot was held in Ceiba, PR. The tournament was conducted in a beautiful tree farm located at the foot of "El Yunque rain forest. The property is owned by FT shooter Willie R's uncle. The beauty of the place for FT shooters is that is encompasses all kinds of varying terrain, all within easy walking distance, making it easier for those of us "a little" out of shape or "not too young".
Anyhow, the course consisted of 10 lanes, with 3 targets each. 5 lanes were almost level terrain with 5 additional lanes having steep uphill/downhill grades. Some pics of Saturday set-up day......
Willie R, Willito R. & Ramon C. setting up a steep uphill lane......
[linked image]
While setting up, this big guy wondered by..........................
[linked image]
but we had nothing more powerfull than a 16FPE .177 MPR, so that certainly was "his day"!
After a hard day setting up, some rest....Ray S, Frankie D, Ramon C. & Manolo G.
[linked image]
Sunday loomed overcast and rainy, but Lady Luck smiled upon us, as she always does for nice FT folk, and the clouds and rain cleared up by 10pm, though brisk winds persisted the whole day.
These were the shooters that braved the brisk wind.........................
[linked image]
2 of the level lanes...
[linked image]
Paul C. & Tony M. doing their thing....
[linked image]
Master shooter Manolo G, Willito R, & newcomers Cristopher G. and his father Sammy G, a PB guy joining us FTers for the first time. On this day Sammy G. outshot us all, ending with a 54/60, thus shaming us "old timers"! Willie R. in back of Sammy G. coaching him all the way to his victory in PCP Open.
[linked image]
Newcomers both, Henry P. taking a steep downhill shot with Jose O. keeping score...
[linked image]
Newcomer Sammy G. cleaning up a lane.................
[linked image]
Ramon C. & newcomer Hector S. on a steep downhill lane...
[linked image]
Difficult offhand uphill shot...................
[linked image]
Difficult downhill shot...
[linked image]
Henry P,Jose O & Pedro R. getting ready for the last lane, all 3 shooters cleaned up the lane!
[linked image]
And, after a day of enjoying a spectacular FT match and being with good friends, what a better way of ending it.....a good BBQ!!!!!!
Willie R, Sammy G, master shot and master chef Manolo G & assistant Cristopher G. doing their thing and enjoying it!
[linked image]
And now the scores...
1. Sammy Garcia, 51/60, Steyr LG100, Sightron 10-50X60, JSB 10.3
2. Manolo Gonzalez, 50/60, QB-79 Mod, Leupold, JSB 8.4
3. Ramon Conor, 48/60, Air Arms S400 Mod, Nikko Sterling Diamond 10-50X60, JSB 8.4
4. Cristopher Garcia, 21/60, QB-79 Mod, Nikko Nighteater 10-32X60, JSB 8.4
1. Paul Canting, 51/60, QB-79 Mod, Hawke Eclipse 30SF 8-24X50, JSB 8.4
2. Henry Perez, 42/60, Air Arms S400 MPR, Hawke SW Tactical 6.5-24X44, JSB 8.4
3. Jose Ortega, 40/60, CZ200, Hawke Eclipse 30SF 4-16X50, JSB 8.4 (winner of tiebreaker)
4. Pedro M. Rodriguez, 40/60/, Air Arms S400 MPR, Hawke SW Tactical 6.5-24X44, JSB 8.4
5. Tony Muniz, 38/60, Air Arms S200, Hawke SW Tactical 10X44, JSB 10.3, tied with....
6. Hector Santiago, 38/60, QB-79 Mod, Nikko Nighteater 8-32X60, JSB 8.4
All in all, it was a great shoot. We had 4 newcomers that will shortly be joining our FT ranks, growing our sport and that is what it's all about.
We'll be having the PRFTA Regionals at this place most likely, they are set for November 18th. Visiting contestants will be most welcomed. Let us know if you're contemplating coming down and we'll be more than happy to help you out.
Special thanks go to Willie Rivera and Ramon Conor for taking the lead in setting up this match.
Hoped you liked the report.


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