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July 17 2012 at 1:39 PM

Casey in SD  (Login SDplinker)

Response to My requirements for a 'young adult friendly' FT rifle .....

It would be good for the poorer adults among us too happy.gif

The Crosman Challenger actually meets most of these criteria - you can get it for $478 shipped from Pyramyd Air. Good trigger, LW barrel, quick fill, gauge, adjustable stock. Not regulated though and I don't think 50 16fpe shots is in the cards although I think 50 12fpe shots is doable. For $600 I think it's a pretty tall order unless you go used and add components yourself.

what's the downfall of the S200's your kids have? Quick fill and regulation? I also imagine 50 shots near 20fpe is going to be tough with those too?

An older thread about this:


Sounds like 40-50 12fpe shots is possible with the Challenger. 25 16fpe shots and 15 20fpe shots. But that means filling it up of course.

EDIT: I just remembered this project -http://www.airgunlab.com/order. If this would fit a Challenger, you'd have enough air tube to take care of the power issue I think. So then other than regulation you'd be good to go and out the door you'd be at $640. The Challenger stock is easy to modify since it's basically plastic - it would be easy to inlet to fit this extra tube.

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