Invicta July Match Results

July 30 2012 at 3:52 PM

Jeff A.  (Login avv604)

====From David's Email========

Invicta July Match Results

The heat is still bearing down on us in the South, but the woods at Invicta afforded a cooling place to shoot, even if it hid some breezes that caused some disappointment for some shooters! - Brad came out first thing and brought some spare targets out for the club as back-ups, unfortunately he has not recovered enough to the point where he can shoot, hopefully that will be soon. we had eleven shooters come out, and a very interested shooter/hunter that I think has already caught the FT bug! Harold had some equipment issues, but every cloud has a silver lining, and that was shining indeed for Roz, who got the top score of the day. After our usual tear down, we adjourned to the back deck to enjoy Miss Dottie's cooking, as always it was top notch. Our next match is August 25th, but before that we will be shooting at Roz's Hollow, not to be missed!

Match Winner/ PCP Class
56/60 Roz Sumpter TM 1000 Nikko 10-50 CPH
54/60 Jeff Aveddutti MFR Bushnell 8-32 JSB H
48/60 Dottie Berry TM 1000 BSA 10-60 JSB H
42/60 Pat O'Brien USFT Nikko 10-50 JSB H
35/60 Sandra Rutterford TM 1000 Leapers 8-32 JSB H
34/60 Gary Law Maurauder Leapers 3-12 CPH
32/60 Martin Rutterford TM 1000 Simmons 6.5-20 JSB H

World Class

53/60 Harold Rushton TM 1000 Leupold 35x JSB Express
51/60 David Slade FWB P70 Bushnell 8-32 JSB Exact

Open Piston

51/60 Charles Garvey HW97 Leupold 35x JSB Exact

World Class Piston

30/60 Cliff Smith TX200 Bushnell 8-32 JSB Exact

In Christ,
Jeff A.

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