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well. LD, when you moved from open to hunter

August 2 2012 at 10:29 PM

Response to Bill,

there were few folks shooting hunter. I don't recall thinking that you were trying to avoid competition nor do i remember anyone accusing you of it. Not everyone that chooses a class is trying to avoid comepetition. When i started shooting with casa it seems like there were a lot more piston shooters and thats the kind of gun i had. What i saw was a movement away from piston to PCP so maybe guys were moving from a hard to master gun to an easier one thinking they would do relatively better. What a lot found was they did not change thier position in the hierarchy. If they were average in piston they stayed average in PCP. So, the bottom line is that i do not agree with your assumption. I think people try to find a class where they shoot comfortably. I don't think most of them would abandon that small class as it grew hoping to find the next easy gig. There are always exceptions but i don't think that MOST guys are trying to avoid competition.

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