Bill.....when I had that gun spaced up with an old Maccari..........

August 15 2012 at 10:20 PM

Ed Canoles  (Login nced1)

Response to has anyone ever squeezed much more than

Tarantula spring (33-34 coils of .128 wire with a .540 ID) I was able to extract 960fps with CPLs using the installed oring sealed piston cap. Years ago I even accuracy tested that gun at 30 yards with the 960fps tune and at my normal 910fps tune. EVERY 910fps group was tighter than the 960fps group. Also, when the light weight R9 velocity exceeds about 930fps the gun becomes VERY hold sensitive and the added recoil does negatively affect scope life.

LOL......when I shot a "match high" score at DIFTA recently I had my heavier HW77k detuned to shoot CPLs at only 860fps which gave a really nice shot cycle AND accuracy. At last months Maryland State Championship match I also took 1st place in hunter class even though I only hit 2 out of 12 offhand and kneeling shots by hitting over 90% of the rested shots at that match.

This gave me the idea to detune my new R9 (which I actually prefer shooting) to shoot CPLs in the 860fps range, however the lowest I could get with the oring seal and .120 wire Maccari spring was 870fps, so I went with that. I did well for the first half of the match (LOL....even hitting 50% of the offhanders) keeping up with my brother till the barrel shims of the new gun started seating in and the poi shifted due to reduced barrel pivot tension.

Anywhoo......I'm of the opinion that accuracy trumps velocity when it comes to field target.

P.S. IMHO, with a springer the higher fpe levels are better handled with heavy pellets like the 10.5 grain CPH, however the fly in the ointment is the fact that heavy pellets will reduce the spring life of R9 class springs. In the beginning my brother shot only CPHs for several years and I would replace a good aftermarket spring about every two years. He then switched to CPLs and he mentioned that he has only broken one spring since, and that spring spent a lot of it's "life" shooting CPHs.

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