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BAGA Monster Match report from October 3 in Bristol, Wisconsin

October 5 2015 at 9:01 AM

Boomer  (Login Boomer75)

BAGA MONSTER MATCH October 3, 2015

The final field target match of the year at BAGA was our annual MONSTER match. We added some flavor to the course for this match and it definitely made this match a whole lot more interesting. We ended up setting 17 lanes with 2 targets per lane and took 3 shots per target for a match total of 102 shots in a single day.

It started off cold and windy and stayed that way all day long. The temp was between 52-55 degrees all day and winds were constant 15-20 MPH with 40 MPH gusts. There was also a misting rain from time to time but nothing really bad so we just went on as planned. Because our course is carved out of the forest, there is a little less wind down on the bottom but the top lanes 1, 15, 16, 17 were 100% open to the wind and caused some issues for shooters today. While getting sighted in early I was taking shots at 50 yards to get a feel for the wind up top and I was seeing 4-5 inches of movement sideways because of the wind and it was changing directions as it pleased! So that means 8 -10 inches total side to side movement so predicting the down range winds were a huge part of these lanes. Our squirrel high up in the tree was moving more than 12 inches total(6 inches each direction) as the tree it is attached to swayed in the high winds. The tree is about 15inches diameter at the base, knee high and it was swaying back and forth at least 12-15 inches with the 40 MPH gusts. At times the squirrel was swaying opposed from the tree so the tree was going left to right and the target right to left causing a scissor effect between the tree and target boards. This is not typical but with the high winds, everyone had to deal with the problems.

We opened the range around 8:45am and started running strings. All other set up had been completed the day before so all we had to do is run strings and sight in. I called the safety meeting at 10am and we all headed out to the course to start the match. During the safety meeting I walked everyone out to the middle of lane 16 to explain how the “special” target for this match would work and be scored. Alex set out a splitter target with a blade in the center and 2 paddles, 1 on each side of the blade. If you split the pellet and knock both paddles down, you get 1 point. Each side was worth ½ a point so you only got a full point for a perfect split. Many of the shooters had all 3 shots for ½ a point as they failed to split the pellet and knock down both paddles. Vlad and Jake both split all 3 shots for maximum points and I split 2 shots for 2 ½ points. That target was only 20 yards away so it was pretty cool to be able to see things go down as you shoot. This target made for some great conversation after the match too. Ron actually set his phone up to record his 3 shots and it was cool to see his split shot. Vlad and Jake were the last ones shooting today so we all watched them shoot that target and they both split all 3 shots! It was amazing to see first-hand! That is a very hard thing to do and to see them split all 6 shots in front of us was really cool to see.

Overall troyer was just over 40.50, average length was 31.93, with average kz of 0.863”.

I did not do another troyer with wind factored in but had I done that, it would surely have been above 50 troyer for the match overall.

It was an awesome way to end the year outdoors at BAGA. We will still be outside until November so the sight-in range will be open every Saturday and people will be there having fun.

Open class including WFTF

Vlad Berchanskiy…Anschutz ZM2002 Alu…BSA 10-50…CPH…96/102
Don Carkhuff…Anschutz ZM2002…Nightforce 36x…CPH…93.5/102
Brian Vandenboom(WFTF)…Steyr LG110FT…Sightron 10-50…JSB 8.4…87.5/102
Ron Weber…Steyr LG100AZ…BSA 10-50…JSB 10.3…77/102
Jeff Reinert…AA500…Optisan 6-24…JSB 10.3…67.5/102
Jake Thies…Benji Disco…Hawke 6-24…(pellet was .22 cal)…52/102


Phil Eakley…TM1000…Optisan Viper set to 12x…JSB 10.3…85/102
Tony Roman…B50…Hawke 6-24 set to 12x…JSB 10.3…44.5/102

Pic of the final scoreboard
[linked image]

a few pics of our targets before the match
[linked image]

[linked image]

[linked image]

[linked image]

this is our 3/4 in kz at 40 yard Woodpecker that Phil LOVES!!!
[linked image]

here is a pic of the splitter on Friday during set up.
[linked image]

Link to the all the pics of the day

Hope you enjoy!

See you all at the Nat's in a few days!!!


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