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January 31 2017 at 4:23 PM
lhd  (Login lhd)

Response to If you hold the same challenge next year I'll be there

First, the Challenge format changes nearly every year, and I doubt this year's format of WFTF-only will be popular enough to merit the extra work it entails, esp if the turnout is lower than past years that had looser rules and or more classes.

But actually, even this year's event was not going to happen, but I decided to try one more "new" (for the USA) format ... that of ACTUALLY applying recent World type rules rather than the "so called" WFTF Class effort that the AAFTA org deemed suitable to represent. SO, I decided to host a match that more closely simulates most every aspect of a "World type match" except the number of days, and considerations based on teams and a much smaller number of competitors. Because I know soe local shooters in the same bat as myself, that of being physically unable to get up and down so many times over two days, I've also amended the equipment rules to allow use of a stool/bipod combo similar to Hunter class, but with no other equipment or shooting style changes.

The match is held on my private property, and I have, in the past 16 years, I've done much of the work personally, beginning months ahead, but advancing age and reduced health are taking a toll. I doubt I have another two day event in me.

So if you really want to shoot a two-day WFTF only match, I'd say this is the very first in the country, and perhaps the last many will every see.

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