Well, I've only been to one Nats ...

February 14 2017 at 9:25 PM

Randy Smith  (Login AirGumby)

Response to AAFTA National Championship 2017 in November at Phoenix Airgun Club

...and that was in North Carolina so I don't have a lot to compare to. However, here it is:

I was shocked at the price increase. I was planning to attend and bring my spouse. However, with my entry fee and her banquet fee, that ups that price to $215.00

The Sunday banquet means we have to stay again Monday night. Thus, another night of expense.

Elevation-I hadn't even thought of that so I appreciate the heads up. Perhaps giving us the elevation of the shooting range would be helpful as we attempt to compensate.

The 10:00 am start for pistol means that you might not have time to do pistol if you can only get to the range for rifle sight in on Friday. While I'd love to be there all day Thursday for sight in and shooting, I just don't think I can get off another day. I'm concerned about this elevation thing which is why the thought about range time.

I'm also against this lunch break during the match. Please let me shoot the whole match and then eat.

I do shoot springer, so I'm not sure about that empty breech thing.

Now for some positives:

Nice job on the range. It looks like you are trying to get your range up to World's standards and that's really cool.

Your desire to have a topnotch event sounds great.

Please consider the comments here.

Thanks for all you are doing to host this event. I'm sure all of the comments are meant as constructive criticism.


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