It looks good to me.

February 15 2017 at 5:06 PM
Scott Hull  (Login Scotchmo1957)

Response to AAFTA National Championship 2017 in November at Phoenix Airgun Club

I just read through the schedule/registration and I like it.

If a banquet takes up too much of someone's time, don't go to it. Many people already leave early and skip the traditional awards ceremony. The pistol competition was added a while back. Most competitors arrive late and don't do the pistol match. Those rifle-only shooters might view the pistol match as a distraction and a waste of time. As it is, I bet a higher percentage of competitors will be at the banquet than at the pistol match. I like to make the time for both when possible. If not, I can choose which I want to attend.

I see $2000 rifles, $1000 scopes, $$$hundreds for lodging, plane tickets or gas. If there's anyone that strives for a good cost/benefit, it's me. I like to do things "on the cheap". The $50 banquet is another expense (though small in the scheme of FT), but it might turn out to be one of the highlights of the week. I certainly enjoy the after match gatherings as much as the match itself.

Doing something special at a match could make future National match bidders feel obligated to duplicate the efforts. A hosting club should be appreciated even when doing a GP/National match that meets the minimum AAFTA requirements. It does not mean that a hosting club should never do anything special. Each Nationals can have it's own "flavor". I prefer that to a "cookie cutter" template. The AAFTA handbook only specifies the minimum requirements.

If there is something that does not meet the AAFTA handbook requirements/rules/etc., let the hosting club know. Otherwise, I suggest holding off on complaints. Go to the match if you can. Stay for as much of it as you can. After it's over we can hash out the good/bad. I'm looking forward to a great event.

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