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Thanks to all for your kind words

March 11 2017 at 10:45 AM

Hector Medina  (Login HectorMedina)

Response to you say there were no cold lines

Paul.- I am sure that by now, you know about 80% of all FT shooters in the country! It's hard to beat your enthusiasm. LOL!

John.- It was a pleasure shooting under those conditions and being able to get away of the mayhem around here for a day was a VERY welcome relief. I also learned a thing or two. wink.gif

Matt B.- You should have been there! But I understand the distance and time issues. Hope to see you soon somewhere.

Tom.- Thank YOU for putting up the flawless Match. It was hard work and a few words and pictures do not do honor to the fun we had. THANKS!

Mark.- What you probably cannot see from the pictures is that the main "walkway" is a sunken road. Lanes go out to the right and left of the walkway, but you need to go up about a foot to get to the level of the forest. SOME shoooting positions are on a decline backwards to you when you sit down.
So, your mental picture is not far off my first attempt at plopping down in my bumbag! Yes I was sliding backwards and I have to admit it WAS A RELIEF to not fall completely back and roll with the gun in hand.
Next positions I put myself as far forward as the trigger would allow to avoid that.
As I said, I learnt a thing or two! happy.gif

Randy.- I only have two more shoots to go with different configurations and then I will have all the data I need for the long run experiment. With the mayhem around here I do not know WHEN I will be able to go to the needed two more shoots but, you know me, I keep my course. "Y'all" will read it as soon as I can conscientiously write it up.

Larry.- Yes, they were cold! LOL! I do have to say that at times I envy you CA guys's weather. But then a day like yesterday comes along where after a big snowstorm that dropped almost 6" of snow in 5 hours yields to a beautiful sunny day and I forgive New England for the crappy weather. Today, we dawned at 12 °F and with windchill it feels like -5° F. Still, sunny.
Guess home is where the heart is.

Again, thanks to all for your kind words.

Keep well and shoot straight!


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